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Estate Purchases

Sometimes it is easier for the customer to have us simply purchase their entire estate and get the stuff out of there fast! We will even buy the house and proprty too!

Image by Alexander Grey

We purchase any and all items from trinkets to large furniture, clocks, guns, tools, and anything else in the home or on the property large or small. This could be due to a fast approaching sale deadline, foreclosure, or partial loss. As part of our free consultation, we will offer you a variety of different options, from a straight out purchase, to a company hosted sale, to a simple clean out. We realize that every situation is different and want to make sure that we can meet the needs of any customer. A lot of folks have no idea how much their "stuff" is really worth. Reach out to us today and find out how we can help you get CASH for your unwanted items.​

Some examples of estates we have purchased (but not limited to):

  • Contents of Businesses of All Types and Sizes

  • Contents of Farms and Older Properties That Have Been Neglected

  • Contents of Storage Containers or Lockers

  • Contents of Hoarding or Not So Clean Houses

  • Contents of Apartment Building or Vacation/Rental Homes

  • Inidividual items or collections $10 or $1million no problem

  • the entire property, homes and land

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