Estate Management

Do you own or inherited a large property that requires maintanance but you dont have the time or ability to handle it, don't let one more stressful minute go by! Message or call us today for a free consultation and let us handle that estate for you stress free. We can manage a small home to make sure the heat stays on and the pipes don't freeze while the property goes through probate, manage a 50 acre oceanfront mansion for 5 years until the trustee becomes of age, or just make sure a few small things get handled while you get back to your normal life and try to move past the loss of your loved one. Some folks need a vacation property managed or family estate.

 We work all over New England and have made many useful connections of the years to make sure that we can handle any job, big or small. The only thing we do not do is take care of pets or people.  We only deal with empty estates. Call or message us today for a free consultation.


Some of the services we have performed in the past (but not limited to)

-winter care and maintenance

-snow/ice removal

-lawncare and general property appearance maintenance

-routine in person checks for security or other reasons

-total year round care

-care of boats, docks, gardens, playing fields or any other not the house items

-home upkeep and cleaning

-handyman requirements to maintain property (fixes not installations or upgrades)

-power washing or cleaning of exterior to prepare for sale or upkeep

-deck, hardwood, or log cabin re-finishing or sealing

-liason with neighbors or relatives when needed

-assist in moving items to storage or new home (we have trucks)