Estate Sales

We offer a variety of different options to help you make the most from your or your loved one's possessions. One of the most lucrative ways to do this is to have an estate sale. We prep the home, clean and prepare all the items, sort junk from treasures, remove any trash or other items that need it, host and manage the entire sale, cleanout leftover items, and hand you an envelope of cash when it is all over. All you need to do is call or message us for a free consultation. Our fees range depending on what type of items you have and their value and we guarantee that can work out a comfortable scenario for any situation. We can sell everything from the woodstove to the boat to the old tools in the garage! You get a % of EVERY dime we make! Call or message us today for a free consultation!


Some  common types of sales we facilitate are:

-in home estate sales

-offsite sales in a rented facility or alternate location

-business or total liquidation sales at the business or other location

-moving or downsizing sales

-total cleanout sales

-partial sales with some items sent to auction

-long term sales that last more than a couple days for very large jobs